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Hire the Best Technology Experts, Consultants, Engineers, Technology Freelancers. We have Developers, Data Scientists, Project / Product Managers, Digital Marketing Experts, Mobile Application Developer Expert and more.

  • Proof of Work based timesheets/Weekly Status Report (WSR).
  • Daily/Weekly Standup Meet with Tech team and Stakeholders.
  • Flexible contracts (SLA), transparent pricing.
  • Prompt Resource Reallocation for Any Complaints.

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Why Hire Remote Tech Experts from Achintya Solutions?

Our experts bring top-tier skills, flexible contracts, and transparent pricing. Enjoy accountability with proof of work, regular updates, and prompt issue resolution. Enhance your team with our dedicated professionals for seamless project success.

High quality/cost ratio

Hire Best Talents at Competitive Cost

Hire the top 1% of 1.5 million+ Developers, Consultants, Tech Leads, Tech Architect from 150+ countries hired through multiple tests.

100+ skills available

Hire ReactJs, NextJs, NodeJs, Python, Angular, Swift, React Native, Android, Java, Salesforce, ERPNext, DevOps, Wordpress, UI/UX, Data Engineers, and more.


Extensive Testing and Interviews

5+ hours of tests and interviews

Our selection process exceeds Silicon Valley standards, with over 5 hours of tests and interviews covering 100+ skills, data structures, algorithms, system design, and software frameworks, Coding, UI/UX Professionalism, Attitude and Behaviour tests.

Seniority tests

We choose top communicators capable of proactively managing business and product objectives, ensuring minimal need for micromanagement.


Effective collaboration

Daily updates

Achintya Solutions Workspace gives you even more visibility into your remote team's work with automatic time tracking & virtual daily stand-ups.

Easy to manage

High visibility makes Achintya experts easy to manage and ensures that they constantly work on what's most valuable to you.

Match your timezone

Our experts match your time zone and complete your work smoothly without any delay.


Try Before, Commit Later

Start your 7-day trial today and discover the perfect fit for your project needs.


Hire Professionals From Achintya Solutions.

Hire Web Developers

Hire Web Developers

Contact Achintya Solutions for top-notch web development services. Our skilled developers create custom solutions tailored to your needs.

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Hire Mobile app developers

Hire Mobile app developers

Top-notch mobile app development services. Our developers specialize in iOS, Android, and cross-platform app development.

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Hire Digital Marketers

Hire Digital Marketers

Professional Digital Marketing Expert with extensive hands-on experience. We provide SEO Expert, Digital Marketing Expert.

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How We Hire Tech Talent?

With a five-step hiring process in place, we are committed to onboarding exceptionally productive engineers.

image achintya

Hire Tech Talent from Achintya Solutions?

With a five-step hiring process in place, we are committed to onboarding exceptionally productive engineers.

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FAQs On Hiring Remote Tech Experts & Building Your Own Team

Read the following frequently asked questions to understand better how we operate, what our experts do, and how you can employ them.

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